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Bed Bug Control

Shelby Bed Bug Control 

Bed Bug Eradication Solutions in Richland County and Surrounding Areas

Have you or your family members been waking up with itchy bite marks? Bed bugs may be to blame. These small parasitic insects are about 5-7 mm long and are found in houses, hotels, college dorms, and cruise ships and can hitch a ride into your home on luggage, furniture, or clothing. Bed bugs feed on human blood and once they reach adulthood they feed on blood about once a week.

Carothers Pest Control offers effective bed bug control in Shelby and approximately within a 60 mile radius of Shelby. Call (419) 314-3214 or contact us online today.

Effective Bed Bug Control 

We offer the most advanced pest control services for our customers. We offer a thorough inspection (additional fee), because bed bugs can be difficult to detect, which can allow an infestation to grow. Luckily, bed bugs typically remain in one room, only travelling about 15 – 20 feet during their lifespan. Since they are a lazy insect, they are content to lie in wait for their next meal, sometimes up to a year and a half.

Common bed bug hiding places include: 

  • Mattresses, box springs, and bed frames
  • Bedroom furniture 
  • Carpeting and flooring edges
  • Wallpaper and outlets 
  • Clothing 
  • Sofas and other furniture 
  • Closets

Once our team finds this infestation, we get to work treating every crack and crevice in the room. We are very thorough to ensure a higher success rate. There is also no need to get rid of furniture because we treat it all! Since they are very resilient insects, you may continue to see some live bed bugs for up to three weeks after our service. Our treatment comes with a 90-day guarantee so you can have peace of mind that your problem was eliminated. 

Your Partner in Pest Control

  • Innovative Technology

    Carothers Pest Control is up-to-date with the newest in pest control technology, traps, chemicals, and environmentally safe techniques and products. Our priority is our customers and we strive to provide the best possible service.

  • Experienced Staff

    Our locally owned and family operated team is fully licensed and insured. We stand behind our services. Our pest control elimination and preventative services use the latest technology in the industry to protect you and your family.

  • Quality Service

    To provide you with the best customer service, our team works with you to maintain a pest free home or office. Our goal is to meet your current and future pest control needs no matter how large or how small the infestation.

Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

If you want to keep your home bed bug-free, prevention should be a focus. We are happy to advise you about things you can do to avoid future infestations. 

You can help keep bed bugs away by: 

  • Using bed bug protective covers on mattresses and box springs 
  • Carefully inspecting antiques or second-hand furniture before bringing them home 
  • Using high heat to wash and dry second-hand clothing and other items 
  • Inspecting mattresses and box springs in hotels for small brown or reddish dots
  • Not putting luggage on beds or floors when traveling; use the metal luggage rack instead
  • Having overnight guests inspect bags and luggage
  • Vacuuming weekly around beds and furniture posts
  • Keeping areas free of clutter to reduce places for nesting 

If you suspect bed bugs, the best thing you can do is call for an inspection right away. We can find and eradicate the pests so you do not wake up with painful and itchy bites. We provide thorough inspections, effective pest control, and advice to help you prevent future infestations. 

Give us a call today at (419) 314-3214 to request additional information and to schedule your free estimate.

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