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“Did you know you are never more than eight feet away from a spider?” This common saying isn’t exactly true, but the sentiment it conveys certainly is: spiders are seemingly everywhere. There are millions of different species of spiders, ranging in size from about the head of a pin to as large as a basketball. While many of the largest species of spiders are not found in our local area, we have more than our fair share of different types of spiders, many of which can be found on your property trying to make their home in yours.

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About Spiders

Most people know what a spider is, but few can actually define what sets this particular type of pest apart from the rest. The defining characteristics of a spider are pretty simple. First, a spider must have eight legs. Second, spiders have the ability to spin a web, though not all do. Finally, all spiders have a distinct body shape that includes a head, thorax, and wide abdomen.

Likewise, many species of spiders have unique characteristics as well. Some spiders have bright, distinct colors or markings that set them apart. Some spiders have extremely long legs while others have shorter appendages.

At Carothers Pest Control, we offer service for all types of spiders, including, but not limited to:

  • Orb Weavers: These spiders are harmless to humans, non-confrontational, and known by their intricate, spiral webs.
  • Garden Spiders: Though they may look scary because of their larger size, garden spiders are harmless to humans. They prefer to prey on other insects and make their home outdoors.
  • House Spiders: Like its name implies, the common house spider is the most prevalent species found indoors. They are yellow/brown in color with dark stripes. Though generally more of a nuisance than a danger, house spiders can bite, particularly when they are threatened or as they are being squished.
  • Wolf Spiders: Unlike many other species of spider, the wolf spider does not spin a web. Instead, it prefers the solitude of dark corners. This species is an agile hunter and will bite if provoked. Their bites can cause swelling, itching, and even mild pain.
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We had termites so we called and had a fast response. Tech was very nice and informative that give us a piece of mind. He explained are options and process of treatment. We're so thankful thank you !!

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Carothers was quick to respond. When the ants reappeared they came right back out and we haven’t seen them since. We recommend them highly!

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I am completely amazed! They are a wonderful company and their product works better than I would have ever dreamed. The staff is very professional and wonderful to work with!

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Carothers is always prompt, professional and very knowledgeable! I trust them for all of my pest control needs.

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Customer Service is 100% and their repellent is 100%. If you've got a pest, call the best!

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They are great. Do a wonderful job. I have them annually!

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I have had Carothers for 3 years now and absolutely love them. Their service is great and all their staff is awesome.

Becky W.

Residential Pest Control

Does keeping your home pest-free seem like an insurmountable challenge? As your pest control company, we can treat everything from common pests, such as ants and spiders, to particularly stubborn and destructive pests, including termites, bed bugs, and rodents. We use methods to not only eliminate the problem but also prevent it from returning.

Commercial Pest Control

Carothers Pest Control has experience providing extermination services for commercial properties of all sizes, so you can be sure we’ll have the right solution for your business. From treating minor pest issues to eradicating major infestations, we’ve done it all. And we can provide monthly preventive service to keep your property pest-free for good.

Pest Protection Plan

With a Pest Protection Plan from Carothers Pest Control, you can keep your property free of nuisance pests all year long. For residential customers, we create a barrier around the home during the spring and fall and provide free treatment for common pests. For our commercial customers, we offer monthly service for rodents, roaches, ants, and much more.